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Abril Mendez is a Venezuelan-born American multi-talented actress, TV producer, and media manager. Since a young age, Abril started acting in films in her country of Venezuela and across Latin America and Europe. She also has worked in commercials for Pepsi, Jordache, and Cox cable and has been on the covers of international magazines.


Abril won popularity in the 90s with her roles in the telenovelas Nina Bonita and La Revancha, broadcasted in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the USA by Univision and now through digital media novelisima


She moved to the USA in 1992 to pursue a Master’s in Film and TV and worked as a producer for various tv shows and for the morning show Club 700 Hoy from CBN in Virginia.


From her country of origin to the USA, the personal story of Abril is about transformation, values and authenticity, courage and perseverance. Her works have credibility in every aspect of TV production, arts management, TV hosting, or as an actress for film and TV, focusing on high values for the individual and society. 


Mendez has worked in dubbing and voice-over for the short film Peacemakers about Israel and Jordan conflict, Commercials, telenovelas, Global News Alliance and OAS Summit in 2023


After her second master's in media and arts management, Abril is currently working as a content producer for various nonprofit organizations as an advocate for human rights, pro-life organizations, journalism integrity, and mental health in the USA, and she is working on a screenplay about that critical topic.




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